Dancing in Spirit and Truth (Britain)

Inspired by the text of John 4:24, CDF Britain hosts their national conference on the theme of 'Dance in Spirit and Truth.'

You are welcome to be part of this fantastic dance weekend at the picturesque Brunel Manor. There will be plenty of opportunity for dance, prayer, and worshipful movement, with speakers and workshop leaders from home and abroad.

Workshop themes include:

  • Contemporary dance
  • 'Creating shapes' using ballroom dance
  • Fitness for all
  • Flags & banners
  • Messianic worship
  • Movement and prayer
  • and CaraMayan

CDFB will hold their Annual General Meeting on Saturday.

For booking info: www.cdfb.org.uk

Date 10/13/2017 - 10/15/2017

Connecting our faith and calling in movement