Friends of the ICDF are those who agree with the vision of being visible, available and relevant to the world through the movement arts as practiced by Christians and who support the work of the ICDF.

Arts & Culture

Christian Artists

An international association of over 100 arts organisations, supported by the EU. Lectures and networking available through Christian Artists Seminars.


“This isn’t dance; this is breathtaking research.” Researching, preserving, appreciating, and presenting fast-vanishing Philippine indigenous music, dance and rituals.


StoneWorks is a global arts initiative for cultural restoration and the recovery of the imagination in the life and mission of the church.

Performing Arts Ministry


A ministry of OM Arts which sends and trains dancers of all levels to use their gifts to worship and minister on the mission field.

Imaginare! Arts

A dynamic faith-based organisation using an exciting range of perfoming arts to impact this generation. A Spanish-speaking ministry based in Puerto Rico and Florida, USA.

Prayer & Mission

Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations

A global ministry centred on prayer – including prayer houses, prayer watches, 24/7 prayer.

Connecting our faith and calling in movement