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Newsletters offering reflections, photos, and updates from our ICDF Networks.

April 2019: Flags & Banners

'There are so many good things going on...'

March 2019: Men in Dance

'I am a man. I dance. I am a man who dances, and I stand before God.'

February 2019: Fitness, Well-being and Movement Meditation

'Connecting movement and meaning is so powerful.'

January 2019: Dance Artists

'I feel most complete when I am dancing...'

December 2018: Missions & Dance

'Missions can be wherever the Lord has called us to be.'

November 2018: Messianic Dance & Tambourine

'Circle dances have been part of the human culture and worship for millennia, and there is a sense of enjoyment and community for those who participate in them.'

October 2018: Dance Movement Therapy & Healing

'Dare to dance!'

September 2018: Ability Not Disability

We share our vision to launch a new ICDF Network working towards the celebration and inclusion of people of all abilities.

August 2018: Movement in Prayer

'100 years ago on Saturday 4th August a National Day of Prayer was held - and now here we were 100 years later... praying for women!'

July 2018: Creative Arts and Social Concern

'Reflecting on and engaging with the concept of being and doing church in new ways.'

June 2018: Dance Teachers

"Dance teaching for me transformed from being an activity to a ministry."

May 2018: Cultural Dance

"I couldn't take my eyes off the dancers."

April 2018: Academics, Writers and Researchers (AWARe)

'Our bodies reveal to us so much of the mysteries of God, in relationship to ourselves.'

March 2018: Flags & Banners

'For God nothing is impossible - I'm in!'

February 2018: Men in Dance

'When men move together... in dance, in integrity of purpose and in friendship.'

January 2018: Fitness, Well-being and Movement Meditation

'We’re all about fitness & dance-fitness classes that bless us completely – body, soul & spirit!'

December 2017: Missions

'There is great power in praise that can defeat the kingdom of darkness.'

November 2017: Messianic Dance & Tambourine

'Who would have thought you can turn to the Word for choreography? Well, dance was His first!'

October 2017: Dance Movement Therapy & Healing

'This is is one beautiful way, inspired by the scriptures, to engage with a relatable and an approachable God.'

September 2017: Deaf Signing

'We cannot allow anyone to be isolated from the Gospel or Body of Christ.'

August 2017: Movement in Prayer

'Prayer is a beautiful friendship with our Creator: we share with God - He responds. He responds and we share.'

July 2017: Creative Arts & Social Concern

'We need to be thinking as dance artists who we can support, and to be with Jesus in his social justice transformation mission...'

June 2017: Dance Teachers

'When our students come to realise how unique and special they are to God it can help them not to compare themselves to others in a negative way...'

May 2017: Dance for Children (featuring Youth Dance Network)

'God wants to use children. He wants us to release and allow and encourage them to be dynamic little instruments in His Hands.'

April 2017: Academics, Writers and Researchers (AWARe)

'An art-maker may ‘think’ in the medium of her art-making. As a dancer, my thoughts are often experienced in my mind as movements, rather than as words.'

March 2017: Flags & Banners

Reflecting on 'another year filled with dance, flag worship and LIFE itself.'

February 2017: Men in Dance

'This network is for men, not about men.'

January 2017: Fitness, Well-being and Movement Meditation

'We are all about fitness classes that bless us completely – body, soul and spirit!'


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Connecting our faith and calling in movement