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What are ICDF Networks?

In ICDF Networks, we share different "zones of passion", specializing in Christian dance, movement, and other interests.

ICDF's networks give opportunities for global networking and communicating between people who share these same "passions". ICDF Network Coordinators are the contacts for sharing resources, events, ideas, and dialogue. This can be in the form of Facebook group pages, newsletters, cyberforums, and email. Face-to-face meetings among the networks are held at the ICDF international conferences held every three years.


Visit the ICDF Networks Blog to read blog posts and articles from the Network Coordinators. The blog is one way to be introduced to our networks and the people involved in leading them, or contact the Coordinator for the network that interests you using the ICDF Networks Contact List.

Wouldn't it be great to meet others around the world that share your passion? Come join us!

If you are interested in a field that is not represented here and would be interested in helping to coordinate it please contact the ICDF Networks Liaison.

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